Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about DOMAC.

So how do I start?

Mail us and book your free trial session. We will send you an indemnity form which must be completed and presented on you first session. This trial session can be done any time on our available class schedule ( Mon, Tues , Wed, Thurs, Sat ) After this trial session you will receive a mail from us thanking you for attending as well as confirming if you will be starting training. Once you have confirmed that you will be starting , by emailing your signed contract form, you will be cleared to start straight away. Note: You can start at any time during the month and pro-rata rates will apply for your first month if you start later than the beginning of the month.

What are your class times?
Please refer to our classes page for the latest class times.
What is the level of fitness needed to start training?

There is no particular fitness level in order for you to start. You will get fit as a result of the training.

Do you offer student discounts?


Do you have women members?

Currently around 35% of our members are woman and they are doing extremely well in our class setup. Men and woman train together in our classes.

What clothing should i wear for training?
Training can be done in any training clothing that you are comfortable to kick in and allows full range of motion. We dont believe in shoes, as the feet must be conditioned. You will be required at a stage to purchase a Dobok (training suit). A water bottle and sweat towel are advised.
Do you have shower facilities?